Battle Rap – Charlie Clips: The King

The Harlem, NY battle rapper Charlie Clips delivers top performances every match-up and is arguably the best to ever do it… incredible skills, incredible rebuttals, incredible delivery… look forward to seeing some highly anticipated legendary bouts in the future after signing his battle deal…

Charlie Clips vs. T-Rex

Charlie Clips vs. Tay Roc

Charlie Clips vs. Hitman Holla

Charlie Clips vs. Conceited

Charlie Clips vs. Tsu Surf

CLASSIC: Charlie Clips vs. Aye Verb

Rap Groups United

The hip-hop music world has been active as of late. Diddy punching Drake over “0 to 100,” Drake & Tyga issues, Lil Wayne’s problems with Cash Money Records and the resulting fan-lead petition (lord knows when Carter 5 will drop), Kanye West allegedly rapping his entire new album to Seth Rogen in a limo (they’ve been homies since the “Bound 2″ spoof), Cassidy making his long-overdue return to the battle rap scene, the list goes on…

In the midst of all this activity, arguably the most influential occurrence has been the reunion of G-Unit.  Some time ago, 50 Cent expressed his disinterest in reuniting the once-dominant rap coalition, but as maturity and timing rose to the precedence, the fantasy of reuniting the legendary squad became a reality.  They first made their reunion known at Hot 97’s Summer Jam earlier this year (remember the Slowbucks incident?), following that was a slew of fresstyles and remixes of some of today’s hottest tracks, since then, they released their EP “The Beauty of Independence” preceding their yet-to-be-released project, “The Beast Is G-Unit.”

The return of G-Unit may have started something with the subsequent release of a new Wu-Tang project (“A Better Tomorrow”) and two new projects from The Lox (“The Trinity: The Sermon 2/3″).  Of course, the aforementioned subsequent releases could very well have been coincidences, but one has to think… “What if this once highly unlikely G-Unit reunion started something bigger?”… arguably an even more anticipated reunion than G-Unit is Dipset… just imagine that.

The sound coming from these legendary New York sets is what current hip-hop has been missing for such a long time.  Because hip-hop has adopted a mostly southern influence for the last few years, a lot of people want to see the proverbial crown be brought back to NY (especially the pioneers).  Hopefully this NY rap group movement makes even more waves than it already has, ultimately re-inspiring a more raw sound for hip-hop as a whole.

Further to come…

– Maal